our story

Three fun-loving and creative friends with a dream to bring happiness to the society through the joy of gifting. As time went on, gifting became so much more than just an emotion that we felt, we wanted to share the magic with others. This dream quickly turned into reality when we opened Nepahub in 2018. Three very different people that share a single purpose – inspiring people to gift differently.

Gifting. For many, it’s a chore but for us, it’s been at the core of what defines us since day one. Growing up, we lived for celebrations – birthdays; both ours and friends, our parents anniversary, Dashain, Tihar and special occasions. It wasn’t about receiving a gift, it was so much more. It was about that element of surprise when the gift was opened. It was that excitement, those butterflies in the tummy, weak at the knees, jumping up and down feeling. That entire emotional connection to that simple moment in time.

Nepahub has expanded to include a range of products for men and women and gifts that create a beautiful ambiance. They offer a fresh take on products that stand out from the crowd, specializing in cakes and bouquet that invigorate, relax and make people smile.

Today, we’re proudly sending moments of wow all over Kathmandu. Gifts that say, ‘I get you’ and ‘I appreciate you’.  The kind of gifts that give you a warm fuzzy feeling as you nailed the perfect way to express how you feel.

We do it differently by delivering smiles in a gift and celebrating moments in time. Expect the unexpected and say yes to delivering gifts with a difference. You won’t look back – we promise.

Additionally, Nepahub appreciates and has fallen in love with some other local business and store that are creative, talented, hardworking and dream big to bring changes to our own community by creating employment opportunities. To complement their own products, Nepahub also represents these brands so we all can appreciate our culture and our crafts.

The Nepahub team hopes you will love these products and our services as much as we enjoy sharing them with you.